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Mason Pearson was an engineer and inventor who founded the prolific hairbrush maker of the same name. Starting in the East End of London in 1860s the business began as a small brush makers who made brushes by hand. Then, in 1855, after inventing a brush-boring machine, which sped up the process and gave way to the “pneumatic” rubber-cushion hairbrush.

The Mason and Pearson hairbrush today is produced in a similar way to those of the 1855, with the added improvements of 1920s, giving us some of the best hairbrushes available.

The unique rubber-cushion pad, made by hand using Mason Pearson’s original techniques, allows for effective and efficient brushing, massaging the scalp as you brush. The hairbrush’s bristles come in: natural pure boar bristle, mixture of natural pure boar bristle and nylon and all nylon – carefully optimised depending on the brush.  The specially crafted handle is hand polished to make for comfortable brushing. Each brush is made a carefully crafted standard and are extremely durable.

At Radio, we stock a range of Mason Pearson brushes, so why not come in and see which will best suit your hair.

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